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Precautions for using PCR lab electrophoresis apparatus
2024-01-09 10:33

The electrophoresis apparatus consists of a host and an electrophoresis tank. The electrophoresis tank includes a vertical electrophoresis cell, a horizontal electrophoresis cell and an electroconverter. There are voltage, current, and time setting buttons on the host control panel.

gel electrophoresis 

Precautions for use:

1. When the total current does not exceed the rated current (maximum current range), multiple cells can be used in association, but be careful not to overload, otherwise the service life of the instrument will be easily affected.

2. After the electrophoresis system is powered on and enters working condition, it is forbidden for the human body to come into contact with the electrodes, electrophoresis objects and other potentially charged parts, and it is not allowed to take or place objects in the electrophoresis cell to avoid electric shock. At the same time, the instrument must have a good grounding terminal to prevent leakage.

3. Under certain special circumstances, when it is necessary to check the electrophoresis input, it is allowed to start up without load under the steady voltage state, but under the steady flow state, the load must be connected before turning on the machine, otherwise the voltmeter pointer will jump greatly, which may easily cause unnecessary man-made damage to the machine.

4. After the instrument is powered on, do not temporarily add or remove output wire plugs to prevent short circuits. Although it is equipped with a fuse, short circuits may still cause damage to the instrument.

vertical electrophoresis 

5. If abnormal phenomena are found during use, such as loud noise, discharge or abnormal odor, the power must be cut off immediately and repaired to avoid accidents.

6. Since the resistance values of different media supports are different, the amount of current passed during electrophoresis is also different, and the swimming speed and time required to reach the end point are also different. Therefore, electrophoresis of different media supports should not be performed on the same electrophoresis at the same time.

electrophoresis tank