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How to clean PCR laboratory clean bench
2023-10-17 15:20

The clean bench is an air purification equipment that can provide a local dust-free and sterile working environment. It is widely used in areas that require local purification, such as laboratories, biopharmaceuticals, optoelectronics, microelectronics, hard disk manufacturing and so on.

 upright clean bench

Cleaning of PCR laboratory clean bench:

1. After each use, clean the instrument immediately, hang the sign, and fill in the instrument usage record.

2. After sampling, first use a brush to remove debris and floating dust in the clean work area.

3. Use a fine soft cloth to wipe the stains and dirt on the surface of the bench. If there is no detergent residue after visual inspection, wipe it dry with a clean cloth.

4. Always wipe the surface of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp with gauze dipped in alcohol to keep the surface clean, otherwise it will affect the sterilization ability.

5. Effect evaluation: The internal and external surfaces of the equipment should be bright and clean, without stains.

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In addition, turn on the equipment for 5 minutes before each use to allow the equipment to self-clean, and regularly replace the primary filter and high-efficiency air filter of the ultra-clean workbench.

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