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How to Calibrate a PCR Lab Pipette
2023-08-10 11:24

The pipette is one of the important measuring instruments in the laboratory, which is especially widely used in the biological field, and plays a key role in various experiments in the laboratory.

 mechanical pipette

To ensure the accuracy of laboratory pipette calibration, use three-point to pipette ten times, and the specific steps are as follows:

1. Treat at the same temperature, put the calibration equipment such as pipettes, tips, balances, test water, and operating tables in the same working room for at least four hours.

2. Before the official operation, pre-wash the suction head, and suck and discharge the test water 5 times.

3. Use the maximum volume, 50% maximum volume and minimum volume (or 10% maximum volume) to pipette 10 times each, and record the quality of each pipetting.

4. Calculate the average value of each group of data, substitute it into the calculation formula, and calculate the inaccuracy and imprecision.

5. Compare the allowable maximum error limit, and make adjustments according to actual needs.

 levo plus pipette

Inaccuracy (systematic error) refers to the difference between the actual pipetted volume and the displayed volume. Imprecision (random error) refers to the difference between the actual pipetting volume each time and the actual volume average value, and its variation is part of the unpredictable measurement error.

adjustable pipette