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How to disinfect PCR lab biosafety cabinet
2023-07-14 11:12

Biological safety cabinet is a kind of safety equipment widely used for scientific research, teaching, clinical testing and production in the fields of microbiology, biomedicine, animal experiments, biological products, etc. to protect operators, laboratory environment and experimental materials. It is the basic safety protection equipment in the first-level protective barrier of laboratory biosafety.

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Reasons for contamination of laboratory biological safety cabinets:

1. Improper use. Improper behavior of the operator in use is likely to cause contamination of the biological safety cabinet and affect the protective effect.

2. Overflow of test sample. Laboratory operating rules on how to deal with spills should be posted in the laboratory, and every member who uses the laboratory must read and understand these procedures.

3. Improper cleaning and disinfection. At the end of the experiment, all items in the biosafety cabinet, including instruments, should be decontaminated from the surface and removed from the cabinet because the remaining medium may allow microbial growth.

4. Contamination is not removed. Biosafety cabinets must be decontaminated before moving or changing filters.

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Instructions for cleaning and disinfecting biosafety cabinet:

1. Before and after each use, decontaminate the inner surface of the biological safety cabinet. Work surface and interior walls should be wiped with a disinfectant that can remove any microorganisms in the cabinet.

2. Due to the particularity of the biological safety cabinet, the wiping and spraying disinfectant can only remove the pathogenic microorganisms on the surface and the space in the work area, while space sterilization refers to removing all microorganisms (including bacterial spores) on the object.

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