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Operation Specifications for PCR Lab Gel Imaging System
2023-06-09 10:51

The gel imager is an instrument commonly used in biological laboratories to observe and record the results of gel electrophoresis experiments. The gel imager can be used in routine bioengineering research such as molecular weight calculation, density scanning, density quantification, and PCR quantification.

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General operation specifications for gel imaging analysis system:

1. Instrument preparation: Make sure the instrument is clean, the lights and filters are set correctly, and keep the instrument stable.

2. Sample processing: Put the sample on a transparent gel plate or film, and then put it on the table of the imager. Be careful not to touch the sample area on the gel plate.

3. Software settings: Select the correct imaging mode and camera settings to ensure image quality.

4. Imaging operation: Start the imaging program and ensure that the imaging conditions (such as exposure time and fluorescence intensity) are set correctly. During imaging, do not move the gel plate or disturb the instrument.

5. Results saving: save the imaging results on the computer, and the naming and storage methods should be consistent with the laboratory standards.

6. Cleaning operation: After imaging, turn off the instrument and clean the gel plate and film to prevent residues and dirt from affecting the next experiment.

7. Maintenance: Regularly check and maintain the light and filter of the imager, and replace necessary parts. At the same time, carry out routine maintenance and cleaning according to the instructions in the manual

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The demand for gel imaging systems continues to grow. Regardless of the application, the components of the gel imaging system are similar, and consist of camera system, camera obscura with special light source, and software to acquire and analyze gel images.