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Tips for using PCR lab ultrapure water machine in winter
2023-05-10 11:43

As the temperature gradually decreases, we should pay more attention to the anti freezing measures of the laboratory ultrapure water machine, otherwise a series of problems may occur in winter. The following is what need to be paid attention to when using lab ultrapure water machine in winter.

 ultrapure water purification system

Tips for using ultrapure water system in winter:

1. Operating temperature

The ultrapure water machine is generally recommended to work at a temperature of about 5-45°C. 25°C is a more suitable temperature. In winter, the operating temperature should not be lower than 0°C, otherwise it may cause the water remaining in the machine pipeline and filter element to freeze, resulting in burst and water leakage, so it is necessary to do a good job in temperature management of the laboratory.

2. Freezing problem

If the ultrapure water machine has been frozen, the whole equipment must be placed in a room with a temperature higher than 10°C for more than 48 hours to thaw naturally, and it must be ensured that all the ice has completely melted before it can continue to be used.

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3. Decrease in water volume

If you use the ultrapure water purifier system in winter and find that the water volume has dropped, don’t worry. This is a normal phenomenon. The viscosity of the water will be affected by the temperature, and the water production of the reverse osmosis membrane will also decrease accordingly. The water production is about half of that in summer.

4. Measures for water outage

If you encounter a water outage, first turn off the water source and power supply of the ultra-pure water machine, and turn on the tap water for a while after the water supply is normal, and then turn on the water source and power supply. This is to wash away the sediment and other debris in the pipeline.

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