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Causes of noise of PCR lab desktop centrifuge
2023-04-12 14:27

A centrifuge is a special instrument that uses centrifugal force to quickly separate and precipitate a mixed solution, and it has a wide range of uses. Commonly used electric centrifuges in laboratories include low-speed or high-speed centrifuge, low-speed or high-speed refrigerated centrifuge, and ultra-speed analysis preparation dual-purpose refrigerated centrifuge and other models.

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When the desktop centrifuge is working, why does it make a loud vibration noise, and how to solve this problem?

1. If there is looseness in the components and fasteners, such as the screw fixing the rotary table at the upper end of the shaft or the screw fixing the damping spring on the base, it is only necessary to tighten them again.

2. The motor shaft is bent or the bearing is worn. If the motor shaft is bent, it can be solved by repairing and correcting, and it should be replaced if it is serious. If the gap increases after the bearing is worn, a gasket can be added to the shaft to solve it, and it should be replaced if it is serious.

3. The elastic force of the three damping springs on the machine base becomes smaller or they are broken, which makes the rotary table shake more when it rotates. Please replace the damping spring.

4. The outer cover is deformed or the position is incorrect. As long as the outer cover is repaired, adjusted and corrected, and is installed firmly, the problem can be solved.

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5. There are foreign objects such as broken glass in the test tube sleeve, which makes the load unbalanced. Before each use, check whether there are foreign objects in each test tube sleeve. If there is any, it must be removed before use.

6. The test tube sleeve does not match the centrifuge. The test tube sleeve is precisely matched to the machine by the manufacturer. Different types of centrifuge test tube sleeves cannot be replaced at will. Otherwise, vibration noise will be generated when the centrifuge is working.

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