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How to use PCR lab constant temperature water bath
2023-03-13 11:50

The constant temperature water bath is mainly used for laboratory distillation, drying, concentration, warm dyeing of chemicals or biological products, and also for constant temperature heating and other temperature tests, which is a necessary tool for biology, genetics, aquatic products, environmental protection, medicine, hygiene, chemical laboratory, analysis room, and educational scientific research.

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How to use four holes water bath:

1. After adding water to the water tank, turn on the power, align the temperature selection switch with the setting end, adjust the temperature selection knob, and observe the digital panel meter to set the necessary temperature value;

2. When the set temperature value exceeds the water temperature, the heating indicator light is on, indicating that the heater starts to work. At this time, turn the selector switch to the measurement end, and the digital display will show the actual water temperature. When the water temperature reaches the required temperature, the constant temperature indicator light is on, and the heating indicator light goes out, and the heater stops working at this time;

3. Since the water in the water tank is still, there is a certain difference between the upper and lower water temperature. It needs to be heated, and the water temperature can be in a constant state after constant temperature conversion.

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The electric constant temperature water bath is a temperature controllable constant temperature source with a heating device. It can heat the water body and other liquids in the tank and maintain a certain temperature, which has been more and more widely used.

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