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Working principle of PCR lab electrophoresis cell
2023-02-13 14:18

The electrophoresis cell is an instrument for electrophoresis analysis, and generally consists of a power supply, an electrophoresis tank, and a detection unit. The so-called electrophoresis refers to the movement of charged particles in the electric field. Different substances move at different speeds in the electric field due to their different charges and molecular weights. Based on this, electrophoresis cell can qualitatively or quantitatively analyze different substances, or analyze the components of a certain mixture or extract and prepare a single component.

horizontal electrophoresis cell 

Working principle of gel electrophoresis cell:

In the solution, material particles that can adsorb charged particles or have dissociable groups, such as proteins, amino acids, etc., must be attracted by electrodes with opposite electrical properties in a DC electric field to move at a certain pH value. The moving speed of particles of different substances in the electric field is not only related to their charged state and electric field strength, but also related to the particle size, shape and medium viscosity. According to this feature, the electrophoresis method can be used for qualitative or quantitative analysis of different substances, or for component analysis of a certain mixture or extraction of a single component. The electrophoresis cell is designed and manufactured based on the above principles.

 portein electrophoresis tank

There are many factors affecting electrophoresis, mainly including the amount of charge of the separated substance, the strength of the electric field, the pH value and ionic strength of the buffer, and the chemical inertness of the supporting medium. Commonly used gel electrophoresis apparatus is divided into two types according to the basic structure configuration, vertical electrophoresis cell and horizontal electrophoresis cell.

electrophoresis machine