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PCR laboratory clean bench operating procedures
2022-01-14 16:52

The clean bench is a necessary equipment for PCR laboratory. How to use the clean bench correctly to ensure that it does not cause pollution at work? This requires us to understand the commissioning, operation procedures and maintenance of the clean bench.


Rules for the use of clean workbench in PCR room:

1. When using the clean bench, the ultraviolet germicidal lamp must be turned on 50 minutes in advance to deal with the microorganisms accumulated in the purification work area. For newly installed or unused clean bench, use ultra-clean vacuum cleaners or non-fiber-producing tools to carefully clean the clean bench and the surrounding environment before use, and then disinfect and sterilize with drugs or ultraviolet rays.

2. After opening the clean workbench, the staff should first check whether the reading of the differential pressure indicator is normal.

3. If an ultraviolet lamp is installed in the operation area of the clean bench, the ultraviolet lamp should be turned off before operation until all aseptic operations are completed, so as to avoid ultraviolet rays from harming the operator or causing damage to the microorganisms that may exist in the sample.

4. After the clean bench is opened, sterile disinfectant should be used to disinfect the surface of the clean bench.

5. In order not to interfere with the airflow direction, all items in the work area should be arranged neatly, and the idle items in the clean workbench should be cleaned up immediately to avoid blocking the airflow inlet.

6. It is also very important to regularly measure the average wind speed of the work area with a thermo-ball anemometer.