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The Principle of PCR Laboratory Molecular Hybridization Oven
2021-09-28 10:16
Molecular hybridization oven, also known as molecular hybridization box, is an ideal equipment for modern laboratories to adopt hybridization technology, which can replace plastic hybridization bags and water bath shakers, and avoid the risk of pollution caused by damage to hybridization bags. The use of microchip control and hot air convection technology provides precise temperature control and a constant temperature environment.
Molecular hybridization oven is a kind of equipment that provides DNA molecular hybridization. The basis of DNA molecular hybridization is that DNA molecules with complementary base sequences can form a stable double-stranded region through the formation of hydrogen bonds between base pairs. Molecular hybridization oven provides a simpler, faster and more useful method, including hundreds of commonly used test kits such as plasmid extraction, gel recovery, PCR product purification, genome extraction, RNA isolation and purification, PCR/RT-PCR, fluorescence quantification, cloning vectors and competent cell preparation.
The basic principle of molecular hybridization oven is to use the nature of denaturation and renaturation of nucleic acid molecules to make DNA (or RNA) fragments of different sources form hybrid double-stranded molecules according to the complementary relationship of bases. Molecular hybridization oven or molecular hybridization box is widely used in the screening of cloned genes, the production of restriction maps, the qualitative and quantitative detection of specific gene sequences in the genome, and the diagnosis of diseases.
Based on experiment needs, there are 6 types of molecular hybridization ovens:
1. Molecular hybridization oven for large-capacity;
2. Hybridization oven for Southern or Northern technology point hybridization;
3. Nucleic acid hybridization oven for small-capacity;
4. Microplate in situ hybridization oven;
5. Slide in situ hybridization and plate hybridization oven;
6. Western hybridization oven.
Molecular hybridization oven is safer and more convenient. The hybridization process is carried out in a continuously rotating hybridization bottle, and the membrane and the probe are completely mixed. Therefore, the cumbersome packaging of hybrid bags and the leakage of radioisotopes are completely avoided. According to the technical principle of nucleic acid molecular hybridization oven, it adopts intelligent digital temperature controller, which can be used for molecular hybridization or as an incubator for enzyme-linked reaction. Combined with enzyme immunoassay, a full quantitative or semi-quantitative PCR detection method can be established. It has a good application effect in the clinical detection of genetic diagnosis of viral and bacterial diseases.