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Laboratory Design

Laboratory Purification Engineering

Laboratory Purification Engineering

Model:Laboratory Purification Engineering
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Laboratory purification engineering:

General laboratories include: routine laboratory, purification laboratory, and office.
Among them, the decoration should mainly refer to the decoration of the walls and floors of the conventional laboratory, that is, the office area;
Air conditioning purification refers to the purification construction done in the laboratory area with purification requirements. Generally, the bacteria inspection room, purification room, etc. require 10,000 levels of purification;
Laboratory furniture refers to the operating tables, sinks, cabinets, etc. of conventional laboratories and purification laboratories;
Surveillance refers to the construction with a camera arrangement; access control refers to the construction of doors with special needs. For example, some of the doors are only accessible by certain people (such as the purification area is only authorized by certain people to enter, and the finance room only authorizes finance The entrance and exit of the person need to record the employee's entry and exit and attendance;
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