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PCR Laboratory Decoration

PCR Laboratory Decoration

Model:PCR Laboratory Decoration
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PCR laboratory is also called gene amplification laboratory. PCR is an abbreviation for Polymerase Chain Reaction. It is a molecular biology technique used to amplify specific DNA fragments, which can be regarded as special DNA replication in vitro. Through the DNA gene tracking system, you can quickly grasp the virus content in the patient's body, and its accuracy is as high as nanometers. It can accurately detect the amount of hepatitis B virus in the patient's body, whether it is replicated, whether it is infected, how strong the infectivity is, whether it is necessary to take medicine, liver Whether there are abnormal changes in function can timely determine which type of antiviral drug is most suitable for the patient, determine the effect of the drug, and provide a reliable test basis for clinical treatment
It can scientifically, accurately and real-time control the patient's condition, combine anti-HBV and T cell immunity to break the immune tolerance, block the treatment of liver disease virus replication, effectively decompose the hepatitis virus, and solve the hepatitis B virus mutation and drug resistance The virus replication template is difficult to treat, the human immune tolerance state is not easy to break, and other medical problems. It can quickly eliminate clinical symptoms, and effectively inhibit hepatitis B virus replication, significantly accelerate the speed of serum conversion of e antigen and antibody, and kill blood and liver cells. The virus provides long-term protection against reinfection, effectively blocking and reversing the process of liver fibrosis and cirrhosis.
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