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How to Solve Unstable Weighing of Electronic Balance
2022-11-30 15:34

Electronic analytical balance generally uses strain sensors, capacitive sensors, and electromagnetic force sensors. The precision of the electronic analytical balances makes it easy for us to have various failures in use. The most common problem is that the weighing result is unstable. So, how to solve it?

electronic analytical balance scale 

1. The water content of the sample increases or loses

The sample may be volatile or absorb moisture, so cause the actual mass of the sample to increase or decrease. In this case, the general solution is to use a vessel with a small mouth. In this way, the moisture in the sample is not easy to volatilize, so that the weighing result is more accurate.

2. Electrostatic phenomena of digital electronic analytical balance samples and containers

Electrostatic phenomena may also cause unstable weighing of electronic analytical balances. Materials with high insulation, such glass or plastic weighing containers, are easily electrostaticized. At this time,metal containers can be used to make the weighing repeatability better.

3. Magnetization of samples and containers

The magnetization of both the sample and the container can make the balance think that the magnetic force it is experiencing is due to the gravity of the sample. Therefore, when using iron utensils, demagnetization operations should be performed frequently.

 lab balance

4. The location of the electronic balance

The location of the balance is very important. The electronic analytical balance is best placed in one corner of the house, and it is best to only open a hole in the room, and close the door when in use. Electronic analytical balances generally have windshields, but if there is wind blowing or shaking of the laboratory bench, the readings of electronic analytical balances will be unstable.

5. Temperature of sample and container

The temperature has a great influence on the weighing results of the lab electronic analytical balance, so it is generally used in a room with a constant temperature, and the temperature of samples or containers that are taken to the laboratory may be too different from the ambient temperature of the electronic analytical balance. It may cause the reading unstable.

high sensitive electronic balance