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How to Choose a PCR Lab Analytical Balance
2022-06-09 15:17

Electronic analytical balance generally refers to a balance that can accurately weigh to ±0.0001g, and is an indispensable and important instrument in quantitative analysis. When purchasing a laboratory analytical balance, the following aspects should be considered.

 electronic analytical balance

1. Weighing pan size

Weighing pan specification refers to the size of lab analytical balance weighing platform. In the process of weighing objects, the size of the object to be weighed cannot exceed the size of the work surface. 

 lab analytical balance

2. Weighing range

The max weighing range usually refers to the max total weight that analysis balance scale can carry, while the min weighing range refers to the smallest division value of the accuracy that the electronic analytical balance can achieve. The total weight of the object to be weighed must be more than the min weighing value and less than the max  weighing value.

analytical balance  

3. Basic functions

The main basic functions of electronic analytical weight balance: weighing, tare, zero setting, pricing, accumulation, counting, percentage, average value, high and low limit alarm (check weight), output interface, storage/memory function, high precision electronic analytical balance measurement unit selection. Power supply mode: AC, DC, AC/DC dual use, etc.

balance scale

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