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Advantages of H2O2 Dry Fogging Sterilizer in PCR laboratory
2021-07-28 14:59
Hydrogen peroxide dry fogging sterilizer is widely used in the field of space and air disinfection and sterilization, and the effect is very superior. When using it to disinfect a confined space, it can not only disinfect the air in the space, but also the surfaces of objects in the space, such as wardrobes, tables and chairs, pillows, bedside tables, mattresses, bed guardrail, the back side of the bed, floor, facade, door handle, etc. 3%-8% hydrogen peroxide disinfection solution is used, and sub-micron technology can quickly and efficiently kill bacteria, viruses, spores, etc. without leaving any dead space.
Dry fogging hydrogen peroxide disinfection and sterilization technology uses special equipment to atomize the disinfectant into small particles less than 5μm. These small particles can quickly evaporate their moisture to become dry particles in a short time in the air, which is the so-called "dry fog". The hydrogen peroxide dry fogging sterilizer has good diffusion, does not leave dead corners during disinfection and sterilization, and does not corrode equipment, color steel plates and walls, which is suitable for pharmaceutical factories, sterile laboratories, animal rooms, hospital operating rooms, infectious wards, sterile operating rooms, hemodialysis rooms, negative pressure wards, infusion rooms, bio-safety laboratories, bio-safety cabinets, IVC equipment, GMP workshops, vaccine workshop, cell room and other fields.
Advantages of portable H2O2 dry fogging sterilizer in PCR laboratory are as follows:
1. The sterilizer is small, only about the size of a rice cooker, which is convenient for medical staff to use and move to different places;
2. Wireless remote intelligent control and intelligent delay operation, liberating manpower;
3. The sterilization volume can be up to 150 cubic meters, and the general medical application environment only needs 10-25 square meters;
4. The sterilization time is short, only 10-30mins, high efficiency and time saving;
5. The amount of hydrogen peroxide used is small, generally about 5-10ml/m3;
6. Sub-micron hydrogen peroxide particles can kill bacteria, molds, viruses, etc. quickly and efficiently;
7. There are no special requirements for the environmental temperature and humidity. Generally RH is less than 60%., and the humidity increase after sterilization is small.  There is no droplet adhesion, and the corrosion is weak.
Dry fogging sterilization is mainly to use atomization technology to convert liquid sporicide into "dry fog" particles of about 3-5 microns, and spread in the clean area that needs to be sterilized, so as to achieve the effect of sterilizing the surface of the clean environment. Dry fog technology has safer and more efficient disinfection and sterilization performance, and is easy to operate, with short sterilization time, no residue, and low cost.