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PCR Laboratory Gel Imaging Analysis System Principle
2021-01-30 10:07
The mobility of the sample on the electrophoresis gel or other carrier is different, and the gel imaging analysis system can make a qualitative analysis of the unknown sample by comparing it with the standard or other standard substitute. This is the basis of the qualitative image analysis system. According to its position in the spectrum, the unknown sample can be qualitatively analyzed, thus to determine its composition and properties.
The sample partially absorbs the projected or reflected light, so the optical density of the sample strips on the image obtained by photography will be different. The optical density of the gel imaging analysis system has a linear relationship with the concentration or quality of the sample. According to the optical density of the unknown sample, the concentration or quality of the unknown sample can be obtained by comparing it with the optical density index of the sample strip of known concentration. This is the basis of image analysis system quantification. The use of the latest technology of ultraviolet transmission light source and white light transmission light source makes the light distribution more uniform and eliminates the effect of uneven light density on the results.
Operating procedures of gel imaging analysis system:
First, turn on the computer, start the gel analysis software, and enter the user interface.
Then turn on the power switch of the dark box device that collects gel imaging images, put the gel in, turn on the ultraviolet light source or white light source, connect the collection device to the capture card on the computer, and then select "Image Capture" in the "File" menu or the "Image Capture" button in toolbar, and the image window appears: "Start Acquisition", "Stop Acquisition", "Image Acquisition", etc. If the image is not clear, you can adjust the zoom lens on the dark box to make it clear. The gel imaging analysis system can directly save the image, or rotate, crop, filter, adjust the contrast and so on through the "image processing".
Then read in the electrophoresis gel image, and start the electrophoresis gel analysis system. Select "Electrophoresis Gel" in the "Function Selection" menu or the "Electrophoresis Gel" tool on the toolbar, then the lane analysis toolbar will appear, and a red rectangular box will appear in the "Image Display" sub-window. You can also enter the "strip analysis" system to number the strips and compare two or more strips.
After the image is collected by the post-gel imaging analysis system, close the dark box power switch, take out the gel from the dark box, and clean the glass plate.