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H2O2 Dry Fogger Portable Sterilizer

H2O2 Dry Fogger Portable Sterilizer

Product Details
H2O2 Dry Fogger Portable Sterilizer

Portable Dry Fogging System
Dry Fogging system applies the Venturi effect to spray the liquid Hydrogen Peroxide into dry fog by high speed airflow, and disperses it into the enclosed space according to Brownian motion.
It could work and disinfect on the materials surfaces and whole clean room. Its sterilization efficacy can achieve 4 Log-6Log reductions of infectious organisms.
It is a fast, safe and eco-friendly decontamination system.

Figure 1 NB3 Portable Dry Fogging System
Broad-spectrum disinfectio:
It is effective to bacteria (vegetative and spores, viruses and fungi.
The dry fogging system could apparently low the spread possibility of hospital bacteria.
Even Distribution.
The H2O2 concentration i≤s  8% with good compatibility
PLC control, Sound and Light alarm. Automatically running, one button start and stop Recipes storage and modify
Remote Control
3-Level password access control
Delay start and Appointment start function.
Ambient humidity ,temperature and H2O2 concentration monitor (Optional)

Injection Rate ≥25g/min Power Consumption 1200W
H2O2 Bottle
1 Liter Continuous Working Ti m 3 Hours
Control Mode PLC +4.3” Touch Screen Power Supply 220 V
Delay Start 30 S Disinfection Capacity 100 m3-300m3 (depends on
room layout)
Alarm Sound and Light Sterilant 8%-10% food grade H2O2
WIFI Control Yes (within 50-300meter ) Monitoring System RH, Temperature, H2O2
concentration (Optional)
Cable Remote
Yes Overall Dimensions 380mm*380mm*260mm
Data Record
and Print
Yes Ambient Environment
Integrated RH and
temperature sensor (Optiona)
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