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Laboratory Balance

Laboratory Electronic Analysis Balance

Laboratory Electronic Analysis Balance

Model:Laboratory Electronic Analysis Balance
Product Details
Laboratory Electronic Analysis Balance

About Electronic Balance:

The electronic analysis balance is a balance that balances the gravity of an object with electromagnetic force. It uses an electromagnetic balance sensor, which is characterized by accurate and reliable weighing, fast and clear display, and an automatic detection system. It is also equipped with automatic calibration and overload protection devices. According to the accuracy, electronic balances can be divided into six categories: ultra-micro electronic balances, micro balances, semi-micro balances, constant electronic balances, analytical balances, and precision electronic balances.

Feature About 
NANBEI Laboratory Balance:
1. High-precision electronic analysis scales are widely used in scientific research, education, medical, chemical, metallurgy, agriculture and other industries for measurement, analysis, and teaching.
2. High-precision weighing electronic balance produced by international advanced technology.
3. The key components adopt international high-quality parts. Weighing speed is fast, high degree, good stability, high quality and low price, easy to use and easy to maintain, and can be connected with external equipment such as computers and printers to improve work efficiency.
4. Rear-mounted electromagnetic force sensor, three-door large windshield, spacious weighing room. Adopt the recognized high sensitivity and high stability rear electromagnetic force sensor technology to obtain higher resolution.
5. Fully automatic one-key internal calibration, automatic timing calibration, and automatic calibration of temperature changes. Adopt advanced automatic calibration technology to eliminate errors caused by temperature, environment and time in an all-round way, and further optimize the balance performance. The calibration weights do not need to be touched by humans, which effectively avoids balance errors caused by artificial weights being corroded and dropped.
6. All are LCD backlit displays. The display mode can be switched freely in bright and dark environment to protect eyesight.
7. A variety of measurement units and counting weighing methods, unit conversion and data output: grams, carats, ounces, counting, percentage weighing, etc., suitable for different measurements.
8. With overload/underload alarm, temperature compensation, full-scale peeling, accumulation/decrementation, and substance density measurement (optional density device accessory).
9. Equipped with RS232 output interface, can be externally equipped with computers, printers, etc., fully meet the needs of laboratory quality analysis.
Technical Parameters of NANBEI Electronic Analytical Balance:

Model  NBESJ203-S
Z large weighing  30g/200g
Z small reading  0.01mg/0.1mg
Repeatability error  ±0.03mg/0.1mg
Linear error  ±0.05mg/0.1mg
Weighing plate size  Φ90mm
Weight  9.1kg
Dimensions  460×205×280mm (190×155×210mm)

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