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PCR laboratory function
2020-06-19 17:57
In addition to solving the problem of air purification, the PCR laboratory clean room should provide as much convenience as possible for the experimental work, so some necessary laboratory equipment should be considered in the design.
1. Interlocking transfer window: equipped with two transfer windows in the P2 laboratory. Ensure the safety of laboratory logistics. There are ultraviolet lamps in the interlocking transfer window, which will be disinfected before the contaminated items are taken out of the laboratory. The interlocking transfer window also guarantees the isolation of outdoor and indoor air, which facilitates the transfer of items by experimenters and reduces the entry and exit of experimenters The frequency of the laboratory. Both the indoor and outdoor transmission windows can be controlled.
2. Automatic door closer: According to the requirements of national regulations, an automatic door closer is installed on the clean laboratory door. 3. Interlocking door: The main laboratory is equipped with a set of two interlocking electronic interlocks. When one of the doors is not closed, the other door will not open. This will buffer the airflow into the clean room. The interlocking door is also equipped with an emergency switch. When an accident occurs, press the emergency switch to facilitate laboratory personnel to escape the scene as soon as possible.
4. Multi-function microcomputer controller: as the general control cabinet of the laboratory, including temperature and humidity adjustment and display, start and stop of the blower and exhaust fan, start and stop sequence, lighting switch, UV lamp control, etc. The temperature adjustment display screen can accurately display the temperature in the laboratory, with convenient adjustment and small temperature error.