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Laboratory Design

PCR Laboratory System

PCR Laboratory System

Model:PCR Laboratory System
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What should be paid attention to when designing a standardized PCR laboratory?

1. The building that can be shared should be in one area, and it should be set on one side, which can communicate with other parts of the building. Divide the laboratory into three areas, semi-contaminated area, contaminated area and clean area;
2. The experiment area should be equipped with a non-manual hand-washing sink;
3. The walls, ceiling and floor of the laboratory should be flat, easy to clean, resistant to corrosion by chemicals and disinfectants, the floor should be non-slip, and no carpet should be laid;
4. The door of the laboratory should be locked and can be automatically closed, and the door should be provided with a window;
5. There should be conditions for storing personal clothing outside the laboratory work area;
6. ​​Configure biological safety cabinet in the laboratory;
7. The laboratory should be equipped with eyewash equipment, and if necessary, there is an emergency spray device;
8. Reliable emergency lighting;
9. The exit of the laboratory should be clearly identifiable in the dark.
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