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Clean workbench

Vertical Air Clean Bench

Vertical Air Clean Bench

Model:Vertical Air Clean Bench
Product Details
NB-CJ-1D single-sided vtical air  (economical) Clean bench

Clean Bench (Clean Workbench)
NB-CJ-1D(Vertical Air Supply Flow Clean Bench)

With the rapid development of science and technology, air cleaning technologies have been widely applied in laboratories.
The super clean bench is designed and fabrication by adopting international advanced technology and it has a certain biosafe protection to operators. It is using negative pressure isolation technology at suction inlet and equipping with high effective filter on air outlet, it also can protect environment and appropriate for medical services, biopharming, scientific research biological & chemical experiment, aviation and aerosapce, agronomic, electron, precise apparatus, instrument and so on.
The cleanliness of this series products conforms to Federal Standard 209E which is the most famous one among the internal standards defining air cleaning classes.

1. The quasi-closed glass damper can effectively prevent the external airflow from penetrating and the stimulation of the human body by operating the odor.
2. The adjustable air volume fan system is adopted to ensure that the working wind speed is always in an ideal state.
3. Economical vertical single-person purification workbench.
4. using LED LCD panel control.
The experimental area is made of stainless steel to facilitate the operation of the license.

Technical parameters:

Parameter\Model NB-CJ-1D
Clean grade Grade 100(209E U.S. Federal)
Number of bacteria ≤0.5per utensil.hour(Φ
Noise ≤62dB(A)
Power supply AC,220V/50Hz
Average Wind Speed 0.3-0.6m/s
Half Peak Value of vibration ≤3um(X.Y.Z direction)
Dimension of working area
Overall dimension(W1×D1×H1)  
Specification and number of high effective filter 695×455×50×1mm
Weight 85kg

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