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Horizontal Electrophoresis Cell

Horizontal Electrophoresis Cell

Model:Horizontal Electrophoresis Cell
Product Details
Horizontal Electrophoresis Cell 

Modular Horizontal Electrophoresis Cell  Model: DYCP – 31DN 

• Made from high quality Poly-carbonate, exquisite and durable;
• It is transparent, convenient for observation;
• Withdrawable electrodes, convenient for maintanence;
• Easy and simple to use;
• Special gel casting device for easy and fast gel casting operation;
• Black band on the gel tray make it convenient to load the samples and observe the gel;
• Save buffer solution;
• Power fails when you open the lid  for users’ safe;
• High resolution of simple separation;
• One gel casting device can cast different size of gel;
• Special comb design, one comb has two different teeth.                   

Gel dimensions  60×60(mm),120×60(mm), 60×120(mm),120×120(mm) ;
Runs up to 2+3 (2.0mm),6+13, 8+18 (1.5mm1.0mm),11+25 (1.0mm) samples 
Comb-thickness  1.0 mm, 1.5 mm and 2.0mm;
Buffer volume  650 ml ;
Weight  about 1.0 kg;
Size (L X W X H) 310 × 150 × 120(mm) ; 

Applicable to the identification, separation, preparation of DNA, and measure its molecular weight; 
Recommended Electrophoresis Power Supply
DYY-6D,DYY-6C,DYY-8C,DYY-10C, DYY – 12.

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