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Safe Use of PCR Laboratory Centrifuges
2020-10-30 10:20
The centrifuge is a machine that can group and separate liquid and solid particles or liquid and the mixture in it. During the design and manufacture of the centrifuge, the imbalance caused by the machining error of the rotor has been remedied by the dynamic balance test, but all centrifuges have their allowable imbalance in sample loading. Therefore, users should try their best to find the balance of the centrifuge before performing centrifuge, which is beneficial to the life of the centrifuge.
I. Clean up stagnant water
The refrigerated centrifuge uses refrigeration when it is running. Due to the moisture in the air, frost forms in the centrifugal chamber, and the frost turns into water after shutdown. Most foreign low-speed and large-capacity centrifuges have no drainage holes, and the more water accumulates in the centrifuge chamber. At this time, users should remove the rotor by themselves to clean up the water. When reinstalling the rotor, be sure to install it properly to avoid accidents.
II. No corrosion
Centrifuge rotors are generally made of aluminum alloy. When they are corroded, their strength will decrease and accidents will easily occur. Aluminum alloy is susceptible to liquid corrosion,so after cleaning, use a hair dryer to blow dry, or invert it for a period of time, and confirm that it is dry before use. Some blood stations import centrifuges, but the 6 plastic trays that should be in the 6 aluminum cups do not. Bleeding bags should be placed in the plastic tray and avoid directly putting it in the aluminum cup. Pay attention to the test tube for cracks. If the test tube (especially the test tube that is used repeatedly) has cracks, it must not be used. Otherwise, the test tube rupture during use will cause the rotor to lose balance during rotation, which may cause harmful accidents such as broken shaft.
III. Avoid broken shaft accident
When the rotor is not placed properly, or the unbalanced amount of the loaded sample is too large, the centrifuge starts. Although the current centrifuges have unbalance protection, that is, when the unbalance exceeds a certain limit, the power should be automatically cut off to stop the centrifuge. However, under the above circumstances, it is too late, and there will be serious accidents. One of the vicious accidents is the broken shaft due to the sudden breaking of the shaft during high-speed rotation. The centrifugal rotor has no support, and it rotates in the centrifugal cavity randomly, which can make the centrifuge rotate. At this time, if there are people or equipment nearby, it will cause casualties and damage to equipment.

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